Friday, February 17, 2006

Back to the altar of the Car God

My car had picked up a wobble, so the one thing I promised myself was that I would take it in to get an alignment. I had planned that for today in case the car was down for a length of time, I wouldn't have anything going on, and planned to take it in at 7 am.

I didn't exactly get in early last night, and the weather kept waking me up depsite all of that beer making me groggy. As 7 am approached, I found myself in negotiations.

"Take it in later"
"Do it tomorrow"

Around 7:30 I drug myself out of bed. I had a bad feeling about putting it off further and took it in. I was the first customer, it should take 45 - 60 minutes, an alignment is $70. I walked to Steak and Shake (about a half-mile), got a newspaper, an orange juice and coffee. After 20 minutes my phone rang. ONly part of the wobble was from the alignment. It had gotten noticeably worse because my rear tires were in the process of falling apart (and my front ones weren't in that good of shape). One literally could have blown at any time.

A couple of hours and and $400+ later I've got 4 new tires. They recommended some shims for rear alignment, but said I should drive the car to see how it feels and decide if I needed them. The car seems to handle ok now, but I haven't had it up to combat speed yet.

And something else I realized as I sat in the lobby waiting for them to finish. I may be a 40 year old single geek... but at least I'm not on Maury.


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