Sunday, December 18, 2005

Movie Review: King Kong

Maybe Peter Jackson thinks that 3 hours is the standard length for a movie. Someone needs to send him a memo.

King Kong is a really good movie, with lots of subtle homages to the original and great effects, but it is too long, especially in the beginning. We waste too much time waiting to get on the boat building up everyone's back story. Don't get me wrong, PJ's depression era New York is a work of art, and I love period pieces, but we want to see the damned monkey already.

Once they finally make it to Skull Island, things pick up, though the bug pit scene that was cut from the original (for being too scary) seemed unnecessary, though it did make a good opportunity for a restroom break.

I think Naomi Watts did a great job of playing against Gollum in a monkey suit as though he was a 25' foot tall ape, and actually makes you feel sorry for Kong.

Overall, I rate King Kong 4 starlet-stealing flying monkeys.


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