Friday, February 01, 2008

Searson at Fionn MacCool's

So a Celtic band that I'm fond of, Searson, played a local pub, Fionn MacCool's last night. Despite the dire warnings of all of the local weather forecasters, I planned on going. It's not that far from my house, I learned to drive in The Region (northwest Indiana) so a little snow doesn't scare me, and this band doesn't come around very often. That and I'm especially fond of the fiddle player.

Needless to say, the crowd was sparse. Evidently everyone was off ransacking the grocery stores for milk, eggs and bread. After french toast is an Indiana snowstorm tradition. I'm sure it kind of sucked for the band (I'm not sure what part of their revenues are reliant on sales vs. what the venue pays), and I'm sure it sucked for the pub, but it was kind of cool to have that small of a crowd that I didn't have to crane my neck to try to see over people that insist on standing in front of a band. And the Jameson girls made a second round with the free shots, I'm guessing because they had plenty left from the first round.

And I actually did talk to that fiddle player. Unfortunately, it was to reclaim my barstool when I returned from the restroom before the show. Hey, I didn't recognize her from behind (she changed her hair, and she was between me and my Guinness! She was talking to the patron next to me. I may have eavesdropped... I like her accent, but I couldn't find a way to jump into the conversation that didn't seem rude.

See, there's a simple formula involved:
A = the amount of alcohol I can drink and still be good to drive
B = the amount of booze it takes for me to go from reserved to outgoing

Unfortunately B > A, and since I don't do > A unless I don't have to drive... you get the picture.

But it was a really good show (and I'm looking forward to their next album).

I just wonder how many millions of dollars the weather forecast cost the local economy (when I got home just before midnight there still was no snow).

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